Analysis of new trend of sanitary ware market under full decoration tendency


With the progress of society and the improvement of consumption level, the whole decoration room has gradually become the trend of housing industry development. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other land has issued a complete renovation of the relevant provisions of the property market.

State Ministry of Construction Housing Industrialization Promotion Center, said that 3-5 years of the National Real estate market will eliminate roughcast housing, Beijing has first step, the provision of commercial housing must be renovated finished room: Shanghai also announced that in 2-3 years to cancel the Roughcast room. At present, the Ministry of Construction is working on the implementation of the full decoration room standards and rules. In fact, the whole decoration of commercial housing is basically a kind of international practice, our Government vigorously promote the whole decoration room, not only to join the "NT0" after the international standards, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection.

What is the effect of the whole decoration on sanitary ware enterprises?

1, the direct purchase object's change, promoted the enterprise to go into the market threshold

Sanitary ware has become an important aspect of decoration, consumers are willing to invest a lot of energy, time and money, in order to find their own room to seek the most satisfactory ware. With the arrival of the property market, the consumer of the choice of sanitary ware will slowly change, from the original choice, supervision and installation, independent solution after the issue of After-sale, to the developer responsible for all procedures, consumers can save a lot of hearts. Therefore, the buyer of sanitary ware will be changed from a single consumer to real estate developers or decoration companies, which also improve the sanitary ware production enterprises to the threshold of the market.

2, sanitary ware Enterprise capacity, management and logistics supporting is considered, the strength of the weak will be eliminated

Order sales, mass production, unified installation, after-sales service object is no longer an individual, but the enterprise, which is bound to sanitary ware production enterprises have a certain impact. That is to say, the main body of both parties are enterprises, the power gap is not so large, developers and decoration companies in the installation of Sanitary ware, service process will have more say, in order to protect the interests of home buyers. So this sanitary ware production enterprise is a very big test, the customer's upgrade to the enterprise's higher requirements, virtually improve the threshold, weak or bad reputation of enterprises will be eliminated in this situation, accelerate the industry "shuffle".

3, the marketing idea needs to make the adjustment suitably

In the market environment with the individual consumer as the main body, marketing ideas are mainly to impress the consumer group itself, but in the whole decoration era, but also must consider the direct buyers (that is, developers and decoration companies), how in the full service to make its satisfaction, worry, in order to maintain the interests of such a large customer. Once a good reputation has been established, the cooperation between the two sides will continue for a long time.

4, sanitary ware production enterprises relative worry, can save management costs I am the title

The whole decoration project because of the high requirements of the project, therefore, the large number of enterprises "order production", we need to get rid of the "home" scattered single production and sales decoration model, from the design, production, delivery and installation, after-sales service and so on, the scale of the management cost savings.

5, the industry's supervision needs to be strengthened

At present, due to sanitary ware industry in the initial stage of development, the lack of norms and standards of effective implementation, there are no basis for problems, so often there will be difficult to solve problems. and the whole decoration due to the concentration of engineering, technical requirements and management requirements, and involved in a wide range, so need a stronger supervision.

In short, the whole decoration is the inevitable trend of the further development of the residential industry, the impact on the domestic sanitary ware market will be far-reaching and lasting.