New trends in the future of sanitary ware industry: diversification and integration


According to the international market access standards, where domestic sanitary ware products export, must reach the ISO90000 international quality System certification. In addition to the international certification, certification, such as the United States and many other countries to endorse the product signs and standards. If you want to export directly to Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries, but also at any time to pay attention to these countries ' product standards, and at any time of the relevant trade barriers to the requirements and changes. In the future, the sanitary ware industry will present what kind of new situation?

Variety diversity

At present, the concept of sanitary ware products has been far beyond the traditional concept of the past. As a symbol of modern luxury life, it goes into every aspect of people's lives. It not only has the function of hygiene and cleaning, but also includes health function, appreciation function and entertainment function. In the use of functions, only sanitary ware products washing methods appear in the rotary-type, mute, oblique, straight, straight, siphon type, such as spray type. Sanitary ware products of the shape of a Siamese, with the basin series, connecting toilet, women's washing, squat toilet, urinal, mop Basin, column or desktop washer and so on. In recent years, sanitary ware products also introduced a leisure-style bathtub, basin, steam room and other functions of a series of ancillary products. Therefore, the future, sanitary ware market will show the variety of development trend is self-evident.

Build a complete manufacturing base for accessories

Now, the international sanitary ware production developed countries, due to the current sanitary ware products, the increase of new functions and rich, its production chain has been implicated in a large number of accessories production.

Therefore, a mature sanitary ware industry, should obtain more varieties of accessories and additional product capacity support. such as with many sanitary ware production system closely linked raw materials, glazes, color materials, models, machining, instrumentation, instrumentation, copper live, as well as packaging and decorating materials such as production, should be integrated into the entire production system as soon as possible. Therefore, China sanitary ware production industry, very urgent need to form a complete, and sanitary ceramics production-related industrial groups and supporting groups, forming and end products with a variety of related accessories products processing base.

The comprehensive function of the product is more outstanding

According to the international market consumer's shopping psychology, a good sanitary ware product, must be able to satisfy the modernized life style, can have the more complete function. In addition to meeting the use of functions, but also need to address water-saving, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, health care, anti-aging, inductive intelligence and many other functions, with obvious recycling and strong concept of green consumption. This requires a new generation of products, must be able to make full use of biotechnology, electronic technology, induction technology and other comprehensive High-tech achievements, will be a combination of a variety of different functions to improve the comprehensive function of sanitary ceramics products and physical quality.

Full of strong decorative colors

In the past, people used sanitary ware products, often with white glaze decoration mainly to show the appearance of its white as jade effect. But the cold tone of its color makes many people feel uncomfortable. Now, it is generally accepted that a variety of opaque white glaze, attached to other colors and tones of the product appearance. Sanitary ware Enterprises should use a variety of glazes with each other to create a variety of popular new decorative colors. Sanitary ware products of the changing rhythm, just as the world's largest international clothing exhibition to promote popular colors, in the color always show the leadership of the popular new trend of visual function. With the constant renewal of people's aesthetic perspective and the drastic change of market demand at home and abroad, it is necessary to speed up the development of a new generation of glaze color decoration varieties, and enhance the product color decoration.

In short, sanitary ware enterprises must continuously improve the technical content of export products, continue to improve the grade and value-added exports. Continue to develop a new generation of high-grade products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, conducive to the product into the international high-end market. Believe that China's sanitary ware enterprises will become more powerful.

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